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 Army Armstrong Films, LLC

Army Armstrong Films is dedicated to producing documentaries that define the human condition and highlight the good that human beings are capable of. Many of our videos are produced for non-profit organizations. Army Armstrong Films supports new filmmakers by working with students of all ages.

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 Army Armstrong

A filmmaker since the Stone Age (c. 1958), Army Armstrong has had a long and rewarding career, encompassing a full spectrum of genres and subjects, from TV commercials and industrial films to educational and scientific projects, documentaries, and independent features.

The digital revolution has given him an excuse to avoid retirement and impede decrepitude by affording him the freedom to make films of his own choosing. His choice, at last, is to create only films that reflect the human spirit and community interactions.

Army has taught classes at the Colorado Film School; helped initiate and sustain DAFFY, a prestigious film festival for middle- and high-school students; and trains, mentors, and supports young (as well as more mature, but emerging) filmmakers.

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 Cecilia Girz

After a 30-year career as a research meteorologist, Ms. Girz joined Army Armstrong Films as an associate producer.

She believes that for the future of human beings on Earth, it's critical to look at the stories that rule our lives. These are the stories that we tell ourselves about our own lives, or that we tell each other about how things work in society and on this planet.

Her interest is in making documentaries that demonstrate progressive social values and celebrate community.

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