For some videos, a portion of your purchase price goes to support nonprofit organizations.
These videos are marked with an asterisk on the Order Form.

Boulder Going Local
(now Transition Colorado)
Boulder Going Local works to reduce the impact of climate change, peak oil,
and large-scale corporations on communities in Boulder County.
The following videos were made in association with Boulder Going Local.
$5 of the purchase price goes to Transition Colorado.

David Korten "The Great Turning"
Julian Darley "Relocalize Now!"
Prof. Al Bartlett "Sustainability 101: The Forgotten
Fundamentals of the Energy Crisis"

Citizens' Community Television Channel 54
From 2004 to 2013, Citizens' Community Television Channel 54
served the east Boulder County communities of
Louisville, Lafayette, Superior, and Erie, Colorado.
The following videos were made in association with CCTV54.

David Barsamian "Another World is Possible"
David Barsmaian "Empire, Propaganda, and Resistance"
Dahlia Wasfi "The the Occupation Now!"
Joanna Sampson, et al. "The First Columbine Massacre"
David Barsamian "On the Importance of Independent Media"
Robert Parry "Media vs. Democracy"
Sherry Zitter and Helena Halperin "The Nonviolent Peaceforce"
Terry Leichner "The Uncounted Casualties of War"

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