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The History of Granite Quarrying on Vinalhaven Island between 1826 and 1939

©2002 The Vinalhaven Historical Society
(29 minutes)

Granite was the rock from which a vital economic and cultrual community was built--a working community, strong enough to withstand the stresses of change to this very day.

[R]ather than simply narrate a string of dates and names, Armstrong moves back and forth from historical photographs of the [granite] industry to present-day video of the relics it left behind. Not only do familiar sights make Granite by the Sea particularly engaging for those who know Vinalhaven, but they also emphasize how the glory days of granite 150 years ago helped shape the community of the present.

-Nathan Michaud
Working Waterfront/Inter-Island News, June 2003

All proceeds go to the Vinalhaven Historical Society. Please order directly from them.

Granite by the Sea is also carried by Northeast Historic Film, "a regional moving image archive dedicated to collecting, preserving, and making accessible film and videotape related to northern New England."

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