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HW2VH Front Cover
©2007 The Vinalhaven Historical Society
(75 minutes)

In the summer of 1947, Hollywood director Henry King was searching locations for his next film. It was to be based on the epic novel and best-seller Spoonhandle by Ruth Moore. He found the perfect location miles from shore in the middle of Penobscot Bay. Vinalhaven, Maine, had retained the look, feel, and life of a traditional New England fishing village. Director King, his crew, the actors, and tons of film-making equipment arrived at the small village 15 miles from the mainland in the early autumn.

King himself was one of the most respected directors in the industry. His most recent film, Captain From Castile, starred Cesar Romero in his first role since returning from World War II and Jean Peters, fresh out of college in her screen debut. On Deep Waters, they would be joined by leading man Dana Andrews, and a supporting cast of talented veterans--Anne Revere, Ed Begley, Mae Marsh (a former silent actress who had starred in Birth of a Nation), and the child star Dean Stockwell.

Sixty years later, a baker's dozen of Vinalhaven residents, who had been involved with Deep Waters, either onscreen or off, recount their stories from those few weeks when Hollywood came to Vinalhaven.

All proceeds go to the Vinalhaven Historical Society. Please order directly from them.

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