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  • "Wings of the Wind"
          For the residents of the Fox Islands of Maine (Vinalhaven and its small companion North Haven) electricity comes dearly, through a 12-mile cable under Penobscot Bay. Faced with soaring costs, the islanders looked to the feasibility of wind power as a preferable alternative. "Wings of the Wind" chronicles the efforts of the community, in hand with its electric coop, to arrange for the erection of three large wind turbines on Vinalhaven, and the unique challenges and rewards the island setting presented for the workers who built them.
          But the story doesn't end with the cutting of the ribbon. Within days, families living nearest to the turbines reported experiencing strange pulsing noise and sleepless nights; they had been assured that the sound would be minimal. Turbine officials and skeptical islanders reacted with denials and outrage toward those who complained. Confrontations escalated, immediately creating a bitter rift in the community.
          Editing of the film was put on hold until we could provide a rational explication of the noise and it effects. The task turned out to be far more complex than anticipated. When the film is released, it will include the results of two years of exhaustive research, encompassing not only an answer to the noise issues, but a serious consideration of broader issues regarding alternative energy technologies, the contradictions of growth economics and sustainable development claims, and above all, the significance of a word little understood and seldom, if ever, uttered in mainstream society: entropy.

  • "Children of Dance and Drawing" At the Nanohana Hoikuen in Nagasaki, preschool children gain grace, coordination, and social skills through a progression of music and movement geared to their physical development. The results are astonishing.

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