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Shock Doctrine Still 1


The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism
©2007 Army Armstrong Films, LLC
(59 minutes)

Naomi Klein, the award-winning journalist and author of the best-seller "No Logo," outlines the confluence of natural and man-made disasters, financial manipulation, anti-democratic governmental strategies, and applied psychology that produce wealth for the wealthy and misery for the majority of those living today. In practice, disaster capitalism demands that draconian economic reforms be applied to populations traumatized by physical or emotional hardships. Drawing liberally on events from the last three decades (the US occupation of Iraq emergency response in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, or the reforms in England under Margaret Thatcher, for example), Klein names economist Milton Friedman as the primary architect of "disaster capitalism." The presentation ends with a short collaborative film by Alfonso Cuaron and Naomi Klein.

As Ms Klein says, "The best way to resist shock is to know what is happening to you, and why." View this video, and find out.

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